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Welcome to Christian Initiation

Christian Initiation for individuals seeking a welcoming community, answers about faith and life, Bible study, and an introduction to Jesus and the richness of Catholic Christianity. No preparation or commitment to become Catholic is required, and you are welcome to come with questions or quietly observe if you wish. Come as you are, with an open mind and heart.


For more on Christian Initiation, leave a note in the contact form below.

Christian Initiation is also for people who indeed intend to become Catholic! This process is "family friendly" and includes both adults (18+) and children (ages 7-17) to embark on this "pilgrimage of faith" with dozens of other people in the Chippewa area. 


Interested in becoming Catholic? Leave a note in the contact form below.

The Christian Initiation group meets weekly year round on Sundays at 9:05am in the GREC Joseph Room, 22 South Prairie St. Chippewa Falls, WI (just enter the doors for the Goldsmith Coffee Bar).

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