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We Catholics are very big on marriage... and while it seems some in our culture are confused about what marriage is, we want to do all we can to help you embrace and live out your calling to find Christ in your love for each other and in the raising of a family.

Couples who want to be married at any one of our parishes are asked to participate in our preparation program.  It is our sincere effort to help your relationship grow by deepening your readiness for marriage.  As this will be one of the most important decisions of your life, a responsible choice for marriage can only be made after a hard look at its demands, your abilities, and the insights your Catholic faith bring to matters of love, married friendship, the blessings of children, and your calling to show charity in the world.  We don't believe it can be properly completed in less than six months, and so in most cases we will schedule weddings at least six months ahead. Most couples find that beginning this preparation nine to twelve months in advance of the wedding is preferable.

Please contact the Our Lady of the Falls Administration Office to set up an appointment for marriage preparation.

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