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Emmaus Discipleship: Helping Catholics know Jesus Christ, build their faith, and live His mission


“Were not our hearts burning within us while He was talking to us on the road...?" exclaim the disciples who encounter Jesus Christ on the Road to Emmaus. Do you want to take your discipleship with Christ to the next level? Emmaus Discipleship is for you. Offered every spring and fall in Chippewa Falls, this formation is open to all Catholics across our parishes and schools! 

The 3 parts of Emmaus Discipleship


WIN: A Saturday retreat day focused on being revitalized by the living power of the Gospel. (Runs 8am - 4pm)
Build: A twelve week Foundations of Discipleship crash-course, which will help you grow in Divine Intimacy, authentic Catholic friendships, and clarity and conviction about Jesus’ call to live and share the faith. (Meets for 12 consecutive weeks for 90 minutes) 
SEND: Monthly “Upper Room” meetings to provide ongoing formation and encouragement to live and share the faith according to God's plan for you. (These shorter monthly meetings are encouraged but optional.)


What else you should know:

  • The cost is $20 to cover your formation resources and food for the retreat day.

  • Emmaus Discipleship formation is offered to a new group of ~35 people every spring and fall season. 

  • Childcare is offered during the 12 BUILD sessions (90 minutes long)

  • Located at the Goldsmith Religious Education Center (GREC) 22 South Prairie St. Chippewa Falls, WI 54729

  • The goal is for EVERY adult Catholic in our city parishes to experience Emmaus Discipleship

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