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Parish Leadership

Pastoral Council

The parish pastoral council is a representative body of the parish that advises the pastor on decisions that affect various aspects of parish life. The subcommittees that report to the council include: MACS Education Commission Representative, Family Life Committee, Sacred Worship/Liturgy Committee, Education Committee, and Social Justice Committee. 

Should you wish to learn more about the parish pastoral council or are interested in serving your parish in this way, please contact the parish administration office.

Finance Council

The Finance Council typically reviews the current financial position and account balances of the Parish, the annual budget and adherence to the budget, the Annual Report, updates to changes in insurance, capital campaign progress, and any other matters that involve funding or expenditures within the parish.

MACS Education Commission Representative


Education Committee

The Education Committee assists the Parish Coordinator of Religious Education in planning, assessing, and improving the Religious Education program.

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